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The Phantom Menace - Bootleg FAQ

After getting a few enquiries about the bootleg I've put together this FAQ for the bootleg. I'll take this oppertunity to point out that it's illegal to trade the bootleg.


Which bootleg do I buy? / Is there a screener?

Buy the 'Z' version, its the best of any version available (With no heads or people in the way and no camera shakes). If anyone offers you a screener they're lying, when one becomes available I'll tell you on the site. Stick with the 'Z' version for now.

What's the quality really like?

Here's a few pictures. The only really poor part is the underwater Gungan Sub part. Tatooine is especially good quality.

Can you get me copy?


Where can I buy a copy? or maybe, I can't guarantee either though as I haven't bought from them. Try the newsgroups at, and post a request. Try to get a UK seller, as they're less likely to rip you off (People are usually paranoid you'll pass on they're details to the police, etc.).