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All the information on Episode III is speculation, rumours or based on guesswork. The plot is a modified version of the one on DarkSide Rumours, but I've annotated it and changed some parts (So big thanks to Darkside). The predictions for each of the films are based on Lucas's claims that there are themes from the originals that will be repeated, but in a mirrored or contrasting form and his 'Symphony Theory' that anything in the original trilogy could hint at events in the prequels.



It was mentioned in The Daily Mail ages ago, I think it was when Episode I was casting. It fits in with Lucas's symphony theory that he wants to repeat elements throughout the film (Go to The Star Wars Prequel Pic Page through Links to read about that), because Episode VI is 'Return' Of The Jedi (Duh). Also, it fits in with the story that at some point Vader is sent to kill the remaining Jedi, and following the symphony theory again.

Plot & Events

While Anakin heals from his nearly fatal injuries inside his black armour (Created by Palpatine's team of medical experts), Senate Leader Palpatine entrusted Anakin to be cared for by the evil Sith Dark Jedi. Palpatines plans not to reveal Anakins true identity until the right moment. Anakin's intense hatred speeds his healing process. As Anakin healed, Palpatine solidifies his control over the Senate, re-enforcing his alliance with other powerful individuals and syndicates around the galaxy and watched as the Mandalorian and the Jedi slaughtered each other.

After becoming unhappy with the Council of Jedi Masters' handling of the Clone Wars, a few rogue Jedi left the council in frustration and were quickly seduced to the darkside by Palpatine. The Jedi and the Republic's war with the Mandalorian was at a stalemate. Palpatine remained officially "neutral" in the conflict and the Jedi and the Republic reluctantly needed his help to bring a quick resolution to the war. Palpatine used this leverage to tremendously increase his power base and soon, as part of his grand scheme to take control of the Republic, he would betray the Mandalorian. Palpatine and his dark Jedi Master realized that only two individuals could possibly persuade Anakin to abandon the dark side of the Force: Padme and Anakin's mother. Palpatine knew exactly how to deal with those two threats . . . In a couple of years, Anakin was fully healed and more powerful than ever. While learning to adjust to his body armor, the Sith were attacked by raiders (an attack secretly ordered by Palpatine). In a spectacular battle, Anakin, with the help of Palpatine's troops and the dark Jedi, soundly defeated the raiders. Although the Sith suffered great losses from the attack, Anakin had saved them from utter annihalation and the Sith bestowed upon him the title of Dark Lord of the Sith for his valor. Palpatine was elated to see that his pupil was stronger and more powerful than ever and told Anakin that to keep his identity a secret. Anakin must choose a new name. Hence, Anakin became Lord Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. Vader would keep his borne name secret from his enemies until the right moment.

Palpatine, the Republic and the Jedi came to an agreement that Palpatine and his forces would join the war against the Mandalorian and their allies. Vader was reluctant to join the war against the evil Mandalorian because he admired their ruthlessness, in spite of the fact that they murdered all of his family except for his mother. Palpatine knew that without Vader leading his troops and dark Jedi; the war would take much longer to win. To force Vader to enter the war, Palpatine had to deal with Vader's mother. Palpatine's agents leaked a secret to the Mandalorian that Vader's mother, would be aboard a small fleet bound for Calamari. The Mandalorian believed that by killing Shmi Skywalker, this incident would demoralize the morale of the Republic and the Jedi. Instead, by murdering Vader's mother, the Mandalorian issued their own death sentence. After the Mandalorian murdered his mother, Vader, who would become the most feared warrior in galactic history, entered the war...

The next two paragraphs and the story of Kenobi fighting alongside Vader seems doubtfull, but the film is released in 2005, so anthing could happen.

However, Vader would agree to fight in the Clone Wars only if he could fight side-by-side with Kenobi. At Vader's mother's funeral, Vader stared silently as his beloved mother's remains were consumed by the funeral pyre. Vader told Kenobi that they would avenge Shmi Skywalkers death. Kenobi could sense that Vader was pure evil and immensely powerful. Somehow Kenobi could sense that he knew this mysterious cloaked figure. Vader simply explained to Kenobi that even he could not abide cowards who destroyed defenseless fleets carrying only women and children.

(Not too sure about this bit either) Vader peered into the eyes of his bride, who was also present at the funeral, and could see that she was almost ready to bear a child. Vader inquired of her who the father was. She replied that the father was dead. Padme told Vader that she was going to name her child Luke, the name of Anakin Skywalker's father, if the child were a boy. If he could have cried, Vader would have. He desperately wanted to tell his wife that he was not dead, but that time would have to wait until Palpatine's grand scheme was complete.

Even though the Clone Wars were nearly at an end, the Republic was in chaos and neared collapse. As a part of his agreement to join the war, the Republic agreed, against the Jedi's advice, to allow Palpatine to be the Republic's temporary leader. The Republic was so desperate to end this protracted and devastating war that they would agree to almost any terms demanded by Palpatine. Under the dual leadership of Kenobi and Vader, the Mandalorian and their allies were vanquished quickly. Palpatine's betrayal of the Mandalorian was complete. However, the Republic and the Jedi would only be able to savor the end of the Clone Wars briefly . . .

Consumed by his paranoia and lust for power, Palpatine ordered the assassination of all the members of the Senate and all the elite rulers of the Republic who opposed his demand to be made emperor. Palpatine wanted no one left to challenge his authority. Palpatine refused to relinquish his title as leader of the Republic and secreted himself away in the bowels of his fortress on Coruscant.

Palpatine's betrayal of the Republic and the Jedi was now at full swing. Palpatine offered large bounties to anyone who would hunt down and kill the Jedi. Vader, the dark Jedi, the Sith, Palpatine's troops, bounty hunters, smugglers, the various crime syndicates and every criminal in the galaxy hunted down and killed the war-weakened and battered Jedi. The Jedi were soon trying to hide and were scattering all throughout the galaxy. Methodically and ruthlessly, the Jedi were hunted down. In honor of the vanquished Mandalorians, who saved him from certain death as a child, a Boba Fett adopted Mandalorian armor and slaughtered the Jedi for Palpatine's bounty.

Vader personally hunted for Kenobi, who had Padme and her twin babies. The Jedi had to hide the twins from Vader because Palpatine ordered the slaughter of all Jedi including their children, whether born or unborn

Kenobi fled with them from star system to star system one step ahead of the evil Dark Lord of the Sith. Kenobi had no idea that Vader did not plan to kill Kenobi, but to turn him to the dark side. Vader planned to raise his child as a dark Jedi and live with his family on Coruscant. Vader had no idea that Padme had given birth to twins. Since Palpatine knew that the Jedi were no longer a threat, Palpatine declared himself to be the emperor over a new Empire that would be more spectacular and more vast than anything that had ever come before it.

Kenobi realized that it was only a matter of time before Vader would track them down. Hence, Kenobi devised a scheme to trap and ambush the enigmatic Dark Lord of the Sith. During this epic ambush, Vader revealed his true identity to Kenobi. Kenobi was in horror and in disbelief because Kenobi realized it was his refusal to listen to Yoda which created this black-cloaked monster that led the destruction against both the Jedi and the Republic. Kenobi had to make sure that Vader did not get his hands on the twins and also it was important that Vader did not find out that there were two babies and not just one. Baby Leia was hidden on Alderaan with the Organa family.

During a great duel, Vader had his light sabre at Kenobi's throat and demanded that Kenobi turn to the dark side or perish, and rule with him, Padme, his child and Palpatine on Coruscant. Kenobi refused and claimed that they would all die before that fate would occur. Padme begged Vader to resist the dark side and work to restore the Republic. Vader stated bluntly that he could not betray his master, Palpatine. However, Vader was unable to bring himself to kill Kenobi. Instead, he left Kenobi and proceeded to leave with Padme and Baby Luke for Coruscant. Angered by Vader's incredible weakness and stupidity for sparing the life of Kenobi, Palpatine ordered the highest bounty for Kenobi's death. Every bounty hunter and criminal scoured the galaxy looking for Kenobi.

As the Old Republic contiued to collapse like an old tree rotting from within, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda gathered the last remaining Jedi to rescue Padme and Baby Luke from Coruscant. In a stunning rescue, Kenobi and Yoda were the only Jedi who survived the harrowing escape from Coruscant with Padme and Baby Luke. Padme clandestinely fled to Alderaan to be with Leia while Kenobi and Yoda fled with Luke to Dagobah.(Empire Strikes Back - Luke on Dagobah - "I don't know, its like something out of a dream...", "This place seems familiar somehow.")

On Dagobah, Yoda stated that he would hide until the time was right for the rebirth of the Jedi. Kenobi revealed that he had a secret location where he would hide with Luke. Padme stayed with Leia on Alderaan for a few years, then suddenly Padme disappeared without a trace. As Palpatine's emerging Empire conquered the galaxy, Vader unceasingly and ruthlessly searched the galaxy for his wife and child . . . twenty years later, Vader would unwittingly end up capturing and nearly executing his daughter, Leia, while chasing the Tantive 4 in search of the stolen Death Star plans . . .


Betrayal Of The Sith Lords

Palpatine foresees that for his reign as Emperor to be secure he must destroy not only the Jedi Knights, but, also, he must destroy his own servants, the Sith Lords. Palpatine betrays his loyal Sith Lords by arranging confrontations with the Jedi Knights that leave each side almost completely annihilated. By the end of the Jedi Knight and Sith Lord slaughter, only a handful of Force users, which Palpatine has complete control over, remain alive. Palpatine's New Order institutes measures that makes sure that the rise of new Force users becomes an impossibility. Hence, Palatine has no fear of the Mon Mothma led Rebellion because without a powerful Force wielder the Rebellion has no chance of defeating the Empire. Palpatine's grand scheme of galactic domination would have succeeded had it not been for the unexpected rise and ultimate destiny of Luke Skywalker.


The Fate Of Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Old Republic has fallen and the Jedi Knights have been defeated. A battle-weary Obi-Wan returns one last time to Coruscant to see for himself the fate of his beloved Republic. Obi-Wan finds that all Jedi buildings, temples and artifacts on Coruscant have been destroyed as part of Palpatine's "cleansing" of the galaxy. Obi-Wan learns that, except for Yoda, all members of the Jedi Council are dead and the Jedi Knights are all but extinct save a few survivors, who will eventually be hunted down and murdered by the Empire. Whether he deserves the blame or not, Obi-Wan carries the guilt for the rest of his life that his failures to properly train Anakin and to heed Yoda's warnings about training Anakin led to the creation of the monster called Darth Vader. Without Darth Vader, it is unlikely that Palpatine could have destroyed the Jedi Knights. When Anakin left the Jedi Knights to join Palpatine, many Jedi left with Anakin and converted to the ways of the Sith Lords. Hence, the Jedi Knights became weakened by Anakin's defection to the dark side. To redeem himself, Obi-Wan watched over Luke while in exile on Tatooine and patiently waited for the day when Luke became old enough to seek his destiny.


The Appearence Of Darth Vader

After getting feedback from various posts on Jedinet someone had told me that James Earl Jones was only required by Lucas to do 'About five minutes' of vocals. This brings up a few possibilities. One, that Anakin does not need much of the machinery in his helmet until later in the film, possibly after an encounter with Yoda at the recue of Luke and Leia?

The second possibilty is that Vader is silent for much of the film to build up the mystery of his charachter. I think the first idea is more plausable, and much more fun aswell.


Padme In Episode III

There have been rumours that Natalie Portman will not make an appearence in Episode III, and that another actress will play Padme. I don't really beleive this because Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor have confirmed that they have signed up for all three films.