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Welcome to the Prequels UK. Here you'll everything for UK Star Wars Prequel fans. News, pictures, links and more. Don't forget to sign the Guestbook, and join the newsletter at the bottom of the page, for your regular dose of Star Wars. The UK release date is July 16th 1999.


20/12/98 - Blessed on L&K - Mace Windu at ActionAce

Nothing much happened with Brian Blessed pn Live&Kicking apart from him giving Zoe Ball a heart attack say (Sharp intake of breath) bastard on air. Twice. He just re-told the story of him standing in front of a blue screen and pretending that its 50 million or whatever Jedi. Also, there have been reports on AICN that you can hear exclusive prequel music on Rogue Squadron for PC/N64 by typing TITBIT in somewhere. I don't own but you could try.

The message board seems to be working quite happily, and its usefull for answering questions on. Remember that you get in your mail every week if you join the mailing list at the bottom of the page, so go join.

I've just had a mail saying that UK fans can order a Mace Windu preview figure from for 18. You can get the battle droid preview too.


20/12/98 - Message Board and new improvements

The site now has a message board for you to swap links, discuss lightsaber colours, favourite Jedi and...(Fanfare, drum roll, 40 gun salute) more. Click this text to go there, or click the new Navbar button.

Recently I've had a burst of creativity, which means I'm working on some new additions to the site which should appear soon. The Episode I page will re-done with a new plot built up from all the others around the internet. Its one that I'm doing, so It'll be a bit more sufferable than some of the other plots out there. I know people moan and say 'Its too early to tell' but its going on anyway.

I'm also writing a Sequel Watch page. With all specualtion around this and the fact I've had quite a few e-mails asking about it I though I'd post some of the hints from Lucas and the other cast (Mark Hamill for example). I might look at what could happen in the sequel(s). The rest of the site will also get a bit of a re-vamp presentation-wise.


19/12/98 - Blessed & Trailer Were on BBC1

Brian Blessed was on Live&Kicking (Morning kids show) taking questions and most of the trailer was shown as well on the Electric Circus section. If anyone saw Brian Blessed answering questions can they mail me? Thanks to Paul Rymer for the info.

Also, if you're posting questions for Ewan McGregor on the Big Breakfast next week mention this site and the address. Ta. See below for details on it.


18/12/98 - McGregor on BigBreakfast

Ewan McGregor is on The Big Breakfast next week, and since Johnny Vaughan (Witty presenter bloke) is a film fanatic (He presents Moviewatch) and has been going on about Epi1 a lot recently there might be some interesting SW questions. Hewon't be able to answer much though, as I think he would be lynched by Lucas.

They've got a message board so go see if you can post questions for him. its


16/12/98 - Sidious/Palpatine

Some more stuff on the Sidious/Palpatine question has surfaced on The actor who plays Sidious is Ian McDiarmid, who also plays Palpatine. Hey, it looks like I was right. If its true, it could be interesting to see how he keeps his identity secret.


14/12/98 - Episode 2 Casting Rumour - 4min Trailer

I meant to post this last week but, on Clive Anderson, Garth Brooks let slip he 'would' be in Epi2. AS what I don't know, but I've only ever seen him on Who's Line Is It Anyway?.

Also, it looks likely that the next trailer will get a US release on January 24. We'll probably get it a month or so later, so more expensive downloads.


13/12/98 - Mark Hamill In Sequel Slip Shock!

Really. After reading through DarkHorizons I came accross this. Mark Hamil was at Sledge Stone's Sci-Fi Convention, and after being asked a few questions on the prequels, someone asked him if there are plans for any more movies.

He replied that when the Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition was released he talked to George Lucas. He said he asked what his plans would be in the Star Wars future after the prequels. he said George said that he had been thinking of doing an Episode VII (right after Return of the Jedi). Not another trilogy, just one more sequel that would some how wrap up the whole story. Not Star Wars in general but the story concerning the New Hope - ROTJ charachters, a long time after Return of the Jedi where perhaps Luke would be sort of a Yoda/Obi-Wan. Mature a one-with-the-universe sort of thing.

According to Mark Hamill, Lucas would begin work on it around 2010. Here's the surprise. aparrently Lucas then said that he would want to round up him (Mark), Harisson Ford and Carrie Fisher and Billy D Williams for it. Not as actors but as the voices.

Amid cries of "Star Wars: The Animated Movie, Bullshit" and "that sucks". Mark then said that it wouldn't be animated but computer generated, getting a shout of "Toy Story" for his trouble. Mark then said (And this is exactly as DarHorizons had written it), No not like Toy Story, far more realistic than toy story he then said how George was including entirelly digital charactor's in the prequel and that their nothing like toy story they look as real as you and me. He said he wanted to this because he wants not only the absolute power that 100% cgi can bring to his vision, but also to make and I quote "the definitive computer generated" so definitive you wouldn't know it CG unless told.

Well, any questions?


12/12/98 - More New Pics of Epi I Toys has new pictures of Sidious and more in their packaging, which gives big hints towards the storyline (That Sidious is behind the trade fedarations attack on Naboo, Palpatine is Naboo's senator, and Ric Ollie flies Padme's ship to Coruscant).

I think this could be a cue for Palpatine going "Padme, I am your father! Oh and incidentally I'm also Darth Sidious." Of course, that would be an interesting line of dialogue for a Star Wars film.


12/12/98 - New Pics of Epi. I Toys

SirStevesGuide has just posted images of the new 3PO. Palpatine, Watto. and Ric Ollie toys. They're good quality apart from the small 3PO. Click on the coloured text above to go there.


11/12/98 - New Pic of Qui-Gon and Maul:) - More on UK trailer


This pic landed in my mailbox from Jedi3167. As you can see, its Darth Maul and Qui-Gon dueling on Tatooine.I'm impressed with whoever did it, as I've been messing around with Photoshop, and I can't get a lightsaber effect like that. Good fake though. Also, sorry to the people who tried to get the 3PO pictures. Unfortunately Lucasfilm asked the owner to remove them. If anyone has them mail them to me!

According to the trailer is on just before the first evening showing of The Mask of Zorro on Wednesday 16, and then at every showing of The Mask of Zorro until the end of Thursday 17 December at these cinemas:

UCI Trafford Centre Manchester Address: 201 The Dome, The Trafford Centre, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M17 8DF Tel: 0990 888990

UCI Cardiff Bay Address: Atlantic Wharf, Hemingway Road, Cardiff, South Glam, CF1 5JY Tel: 0990 888990

UCI Edmonton, North London Address: Lee Valley, Picketts Lock Leisure Centre, Edmonton, London, N9 0AS Tel: 0181 482 5280 Travel: Tube: Tottenham Hale

UCI Edinburgh Address: Kinnaird Park, Newcraighall Road, Edinburgh, Lothian, EH15 CRD Tel: 0990 888 990

UCI Milton Keynes Address: The Point, 602 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK9 3NB Tel: 01908 661662


10/12/98 2nd Update - Episode II Rumours

An unknown source at Fox has claimed to have handled faxes refering to Episode II. Two Fox executives have refered to the film as The Empire Strikes, and the title on the faxes supposed to have been Epi.II - TES. This doesn't seem likely to be the finished title but you never know...

10/12/98 - New 3PO pics

Some new pictures of C3PO from Episode I have appeared on 'Fairfax'. Some bloke has met George Lucas and this is his vanity photo-story. Not bad pics though. Its at

Premiere Magazine are doing a special on Episode I soon, featuring pictures of all the main charachters and behind the scenes reports. Should be good. Also 'The Fandom Menace' has new Episode I shots (The Naboo fighter and Ric Ollie).


9/12/98 - Darth Sidious Revealed - UK Mos-Espa Problems

Darth Sidious has been revealed in plastic at Newsdroid ( He bears a very close resemblence to Emporer Palpatine, looks like there could be a few plot twists there. I personally think Sidious IS Palpatine's alter-ego. Go see.

If like me you rushed over to Mos-Espa to get your One-Sheet, unless you live in America don't bother. When you order you can fill the form out for the UK or anywhere, but you have to pick a state, even if you don't live in the US. This leads to the form being rejected due to an invalid state/zip/country error. I triesd the hotline, but it was engaged permanantly. There isn't even a technical support contact. I am most unchuffed.


8/12/98 - New URL

There's now a new URL for the site. Its easier to remember but it just takes you here after arriving at a splash screen, so if you bookmark the site, do it on this page. The new URL is (Fanfare...


6/12/98 - New Banner - Trailer on TV - Frames Expert Please

Hopefully you'll have seen the smart new banner by now, and the trailer is supposed to have been shown on ITV sometime today though I can't find the program The said it was on in my TV listings.

I need someone to create me a new frameset for this page, with a 800x120 row at the top along with the navbar and main frame (In other words, like it is now but with a new title bar at the top). If you can help e-mail me and I'll get back to you right away.


5/12/98 - Anakin Casting? - Episode II Page Updated

AICN has posted a report that Mathew Marsden may play Anakin Skywalker in Episode II and III. Yes, this IS the same Mathew Marsed previously of Coronation Street. on the other hand has been getting reports that it will be Canadian actor Robert Vellone, who I haven't heard of.


3/12/98 - Episode II and III spoilers from Luas source on AICN

Ain't-It-Cool-News has posted a report from a Lucas source about Episode II and III and the role Palpatine will play. It is very interestng as he's seen memo's and notes from Lucas. I'll be putting the information on the Episode II and III pages when I've got time (Around this weekend) but any thoughts or information you've got would be helpfull. AICN is on the links page.


1/12/98(Woohoo!) - More Lynne's Diary - New Star Wars Book

Lynne's Diary has a new installment, this time talking to the special effects cheif about lightsaber duels, which should be interesting. Its going to look pretty crap though unless you've got at least an ISDN line, as it doesn't look great on my G2 Realplayer (33.6k).

The seconf installment of Timothy Zahn's new Star Wars trilogy is out. It continues the story of the Empire's re-birth with a new Grand Admiral Thrawn. You also get to see the new Anakin growing in the force


29/11/98 - Episode III Update - Darth Sidious/Palpatine?

The Episode III page has been updated with new sections on Vader and Padme, and I've added a Photoshop picture of mine to the Episode I page.

I've been reading through a few web-sites, and one suggested that Darth Sidious was Palpatine's alter-ego, much like Padme and Amadalia. That could be one of the surprises of the film.


28/11/98 - 3rd Update - Prequel Figures

Sir Steve's Guide ( has just posted pics of the Prequel figures. Confusingly, Padme is refered to as a handmaiden for Amidalia. We know Natalie Portman plays both charachters so whats the point of that? Wierd.

28/11/98 - 2nd Update - Episode II Title Rumour

A mail I received from Joey at The Prequel Center came up with an interesting rumour. According to source he heard from the title for Episode wil be (Fanfare)... The Clone Wars. A title packed with mystery and intrigue if ever I heard one (I wonder what happens).

I wouldn't put money on this title being the one, as it seems a bit unmysterious. Even 'The Phantom Menace' is better than that. I still think the title will be nearer to 'Rise Of The Empire' in that it will be more complex and interesting than 'The Clone Wars'. Lucas himself says Episode II will be one of the most complex and interesting films ever released, so I think the title will be less obvious than that. Oh, and my POP3 account is broken so send mail to my hotmail one.

28/11/98 - Argentina before UK? Current trailer for Dec 19th

News is springing up around the internet that Argentina get Episode I on July 9th. That's a bit out of order seeing as the film's star (Ewan McGregor) is Scottish and the majority of filming took place in the UK.

The trailer will start appearing in UK cinemas from December 18th for six week, by which time the new trailer will be out. If they put it on that'll be about 40meg for the high res Qucktime version. Bloody Hell. Oh, and there'll be a Frequently Asked Questions page soon so if you have anything you think should go on mail me, and the newletter list is growing. Which is good.


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