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Back To Carbon Freeze...

...for a while at least. Star Wars fever has subsided from the internet (Mostly), so I'm not going to be updating much for while as I wait for the real news (Not the crap which floats about now) to start. I'll update when there's news and probably overhaul the look of the site but for now it looks like we're back in hibernation. At least its not 16 years this time.


17/7/99 - Ray Park - Royal Premire

Had this mail from A Source Who Dare Not Speak Its Name:

"I phoned a certain London shop today to ask about any Ray Park personal appearances they knew of, and they said that he'd pulled out of a load due to the shit that was printed on the front of The Sun last week (did ya see it ?)."

"My point for sending this is that the guy then told me that Ray Park and George Lucas had problems, as GL was really unhappy about the bad publicity Park had generated, and may be getting a court order stopping Park from signing any more Darth Maul merchandise."

Looks like Ray Park's got some explaining to do. I also got this about Royal Premire brochures from Jazz.

"I received my Royal Premiere Brochure today - these are highly collectable, as only 3000 were produced for the Premiere on the 14th July. I've got number 1628, so there are still quite a few left. They cost around 17 each - 15 for the brochure and 2 postage, and it all goes to charity." Contact the CTBF at :-

CTBF, 22 Golden Square, London, W1R 4AD

Tel : 0171 437 6567.


17/7/99 - Just Seen TPM Again

But this time on the big screen. It's an amazing spectacle, like moving painting in and around Theed palace. UK Fan Day is coming in little over a month, but keep going to see it, we want to topple that formula-written travesty of a boat film.

Hopefully you saw Lucas on The Big Breakfast, definitely the best interview of them all. Lucas says he's got an eight page document at the ranch which details everything that happens in the Prequel Trilogy. I wouldn't mind a photocopy of that.

He was laughing all the way through especially when Jonny Vaughan came up with a brilliant quip (Paraphrasing: 'Some of the fans we've had on have criticised my SW knowledge, I've then pointed out to that many of them are overwieght and have problems talking to women'. Class). Someone one the BB Star Wars Shrine, with almost every piece of merchandise, with items signed by all of the cast and Lucas.


15/7/99 - EPISODE I NOW SHOWING - Royal Premiere

Episode I is out NOW, throw aside your bootlegs and rush to the cinema to see it. Eat a lot and have fun. There's a Jake Loyyd interview in the Telegraph as well.

TheForce.net has pics of the Royal Premire, which will probably be of extreme interest to the Natalie Portman fan site (Nudge, wink, ahem). Still, the less said about them the better.

George Lucas on the BB tommorow, set your videos. Again.


13/799 - Bootleg on alt.binaries.vcd

The title says it all really, so if you have a cable modem, T1 or ASDL and a disregard for copyright law pay a visit to the alt.binaries.vcd newsgroup.

Liam Neeson was on the Big Breakfast today. Nothing that interesting, it was basically a cut and paste of all his other intervies. He talked about mad fans and how even if his career had a nosedive he would never attend a Sci-Fi convention. He's doing well in emulating Alec Guiness.

Also take a look over on to TheForce.net if you're a more fanatical fan, as The Big Breakfast is looking for people to dress up in Star Wars gear, and the super-bland mind numbing show that is GMTV is looking for someone to be made up as Amidala.


12/7/99 - High Quality Bootleg Arrives

Been out most of the weekend, so no updates. Hopefully you watched the excellent Omnibus special on Star Wars and caught Rick McCallum on the Big Breakfast (If you missed the latter you didn't miss much). Anyway I'm back now so I can catch up. The big news is that a screener of TPM is out. I've seen five minutes of footage from the podrace and the quallity is the same as that of the Special Edition in widescreen (A screener is a copy of a movie sent to exec's and critics). I'm trying to get my hands on a copy but for now here's two sample pics.



There's also another screener quality version going around with foreign subtitles.

I received a mail from Abid Hussein about the Big Breakfast's coverage of SW. Here's a txt file of his mail. Click here to read it. It's got a transcript of the questions put to Rick McCallum. Thanks to Abid for that, and remember to bombard the BB with requests for Star Wars on DVD.


12/7/99 - Big Breakfast News

Anthony Daniels was great on the Big Breakfast today. Throughout the show he joined in. Saffron from Republica (A mad SW fan) got his autograph and he had his Republica CD signed (Why?), after she waited for FIVE HOURS one time for his autograph. The also BB had five Star Wars fans in a cage and ONLY one could meet of C3PO himself.

One of the major points was George Lucas was going to Dub C3PO's voice! He riginally hated Daniels' voice but no other voice actor would fit his mannerisms. Thank the Maker indeed.

Apparently the Parkinson that was on was broadcast when Ewan was doing A Lif Less Ordinary, no wonder he kept quiet. That'll teach me to pay more attention. Thanks to Micheal Tauber for that correction.


6/7/99 - Big Breakfast SW Interviews - This Morning 'review'

The Big Breakfast kicked off its Star Wars interviews yesterday with Brian Blessed (Everyone is on over the next two weeks, even Natlie Portman and Lucas himself). Pity I haven't got 150 to blow on a video capture card or I'd put some shots up.

Brian Blessed was excellent, and has possibly the loadest and deepest voice on earth. He was very enthusiastic about anything Star Wars, which is quite surprising considering what a Thespian he is. He talked about acting Boss Nass in front of a blue screen half a mile wide, that he came up with Boss Nass' clicking and face shaking antics. Liam Neeson and Natalie couldn't keep a straight face when they were doing their scenes with him. Lucas didn't actually tell him what to do with Boss Nass, he just left him to his own devices.

Hugh Quarshie and Warwick Davies were on today. Not as good as Brian Blessed but there was some footage shown from the Podrace and Coruscant. Hugh Quarshie explained his role and pointed out how he does have more screen time than Darth Maul when Johnny Vaughan was calling Panaka 'a smaller role'. Warwick Davies talked about being in both trilogies. Nothing earth-shattering really.

This Morning (Non-UK readers: Its a terrible, terrible, daytime TV program) had a review of TPM by Richard Madely's tooth-grinding kids. The boy (I didn't bother to remember his name) had a slightly American accent, for some strange reason. I know you'll all be releived to hear that TPM met This Morning's high standards (Read with heavy sarcasm). Looks like we're going to have to get used to inane and badly researched TV Star Wars programs.


3/7/99 - Ewan on Parkinson

Ewan was on Parkinson (BBC1) last night, but kept pretty quiet about Star Wars. he moaned about Holywood (As a place), talked about researching the part for Trainspotting (Which is on again on Sunday on Channel 4), and said a little bit at the end about the new trilogy.

Rory Bremner who was also on had no idea about TPM! There actually is someone on earth who doesn't. Robbie Williams was also on playing the sickening 'Angels'. Him and Ewan chatted for a while but steered clear of Star Wars (Even though Williams has two Storm Trooper outfits and a Vader statue).

A typically good Ewan interview, hopefully he'll be back on the Star Wars mad Big Breakfast.


29/6/99 - The Line Starts Again

The Countingdown line starts again for the UK release, Lincoln is in London now so it looks like we'll be seeing Star Wars all over TV again. Check out Jedi3167's site, in case you missed the navbar icon, as he's supposed to be in line too. You won't be getting me down there. Unless some huge compant buys this site and pays me too.

The Big Breakfast is going crazy over Star Wars for the next two weeks, this morining they had their Collectibles slot on old SW toys (Anyone know how much those Mace Windu's are worth now?). Hopefully they'll get some more of the cast on, the Ewan and Ray shows were good.


28/6/99 - Bootleg FAQ - Updates - Power Of Myth

Sorry for the lack of updates but more on that later, a point I'm slightly pissed off about. Anyway, I've posted a FAQ for the bootleg as I keep getting mail about it. Read that before you mail me concerning it.

Another point is some idiot on the message board complaining about the lack of updates. I don't update for the reason I have other things to do apart from update this page. Also, there's no reason to comment on every minute detail that's posted by other sites. You'll see from the post that this guy isn't exactly a rocket scientist. You can read my reply to him there, but another 'guest' post like that and the Guestbook goes.

You might have had the misfortune to catch the Power Of Myth show, from the reports around the net it seems pretty pathetic. Use the money and time on something worth it. The UK release is coming up soon, so I can finally see it in THX quality on the big screen. Hopefully Lucas the megalomaniac will release Epi. II in the UK sooner than it's taken for Episode I to follow the US release. More proof that Star Wars is getting everywhere, Minx magazine (Not mine, a friends copy) was moaning about the delay on TPM.


18/6/99 - Ewan McGregor on Film 99

Set your videos for BBC1 at 11pm, Jonathan Ross will be interviewing Ewan MvGregor. Also the digital screenings of Episode I are beginning in the US. Don't hold your breath for the same in the UK for a while.


9/6/99 - Ray Park On Big Breakfast

Ray Park was on the Big Breakfast today. For once a good guest stopped for all of the show, most of the best ones the Big Breakfast has on leave after five minutes.

Not sure if he did anything beforehand but the first thing he did was demonstrate a few lightsaber moves using the new toy Darth Maul sabres. I've never really been able to put Ray Park without the make-up to Darth Maul, but the face he did today was exact (Maybe its because he doesn't frown as much in real life). Anyway, he showed Johnny Vaughan (? How do you spell that?) a few moves and faces from the film.

Johnny Vaughan interviewed him later on, showing One Truth again., ('A little sequence showing the new dark side' - in other words a cobbled together collection of footage from trailer B and One Truth). He talked about being called up by the Episode I stunt co-ordinator for the role. Johnny Vaughan was saying something about Darth Maul being the Darth for the new trilogy, Ray Park must have been trying to keep a straight face (Erm, he dies actually - he didn't say!). He went on to talk about the Magic Of Myth show and working on the film, the lightsaber noise stories again.

In the second part he showed Johnny Vaughan another move with the saber he flicked out both blades in one move but the camera moved onto the crew when he actually did it. Hopefully we'll see some more Episode I actors on The Big Breakfast, I'd like to see Neeson, but I don't think he'd go for the BB.

Other SW news. www.planetsanda.com has opened showcasing the art of Tsuneo Sanda. He is very good at illustrating, a fire bathed Darth Vader is my personal fave. Go visit and give him some support in his work.



I've just seen it on my Video CD copy! The critics were crazy, I loced it and I'm a cynic! Even Jar-Jar (Notice I'm so happy I'm using exclamtion marks for once).

Update Well, where can you start on a film like this? Here goes.

First, I am not one of those fans who has palid skin and a Metallica t-shirt (Joke! No abusive mail!). I'm very cynical. I lowered my expectations after reading the reviews, and I have to say I had some reservations from reading the book. I read the book imagining the scenes and hoping, but thankfully I needn't have bothered.

Episode I is an amazing film. The Jar=Jar haters need to get out more. The critics of Jake Lloyd need to remember what nine-year old's behave like and realise just how well Jake acts. Ah, the critics, I remember reading the front page of The Times and its review. Most great acheivements have been panned at first release. The cultural zeitgeist for Britpop, Morning Glory by Oasis was marked down. Seargent Pepper by the Beatles was criticised. Surely you've heard the reactions to the first (fourth?) film on its release.

Even on a bootleg VCD it was amazing. Why the VCD? Did you think I'd wait until July 16th for this? Lucas has made the piracy situation worse by not having a worldwide release, hopefully he'll learn from this. Back to the point, the film surpassed my imagination's attempt at interpreting the book. Maybe you'll be disapointed, but the only reason for that I can think of is that you want more. After that opening crawl begins, you probably won't care. I had three friends in to watch it. their jaws were still dropped as they left. Let me point out all they had heard of the film was the trailers and bad reveiws, they had read no spoilers. If the film repeats the same impact on everyone in Britain, George has done well. As Roger Ebert said "How quickly we become accustomed to wonders".

To the people who, incredibly, class it as racist, please turn your attention to actual racism instead of making paranoid attacks on entertainment. You give civil rights a bad name. As Ahmed Best said, examine your own prejudices. The critics? Ignore them. Music critics favourite sound is that of their own voice. A film critic, especially the one from The Times (Don't get me started on that pompous outlet for the establishment), will not admit to liking a film as 'commercial' as Star Wars, they hide behind excuses for their criticism. They will not admit to liking any film not shot on Super 8 and without an 18 certificate. Star Wars is fun, don't let these people bring you down and go enjoy yourselves. Remember enjoying yorself? Before it went out of fashion?


30/5/99 - Episode I Bootlegs

Bootlegs of Episode I are appearing EVERYWHERE. If they're not being openly sold by street traders in New York they're being downloaded from the internet. Impossible for most UK residents, but many American fans have cable or ASDL lines.

But what if you can't wait untill July 16th, should you buy one? Well if you're going to buy one my money would go on the Video-CD version.A company called Megavision VCD is openly selling it on their website. Lucas made the piracy situation worse for himself (IMHO), because he didn't have a worldwide release.

Here's two screenshots of the VCD, as you can see, the quality isn't that bad.

Click here for shot 1.

Or CLick here for shot 2.


26/5/99 - Off Topic but what the hell.

Manchester United win the league, cup, and European cup treble AND Episode I in the same year!!!

Manchester Uuuuuuuniiiteeeed!!!!!!!

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